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I decided to start it off with a review of 2017 in terms of my artistic career. I'm not usually a person of many words so I tend to keep descriptors short and sweet. My blogposts will also most likely be bite sized. haha~

2017 feels like the longest year of my life so far. It just never wanted to end! And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way at all, It just felt like a lot more has happened than I had realised. Who knew that I graduated, took part in Emerging Creatives, finished a teaching course and started my first full time job as a designer all in just one year! My mind is still blown!

A look at 2017...

During the first few months of this year I slaved away on my major practical projects for my final exam. I was pretty much a recluse during this time (not that I am ever NOT a recluse lol!). These were a tough few months as it was very hot and I only have our little humid garage to work in! But alas! I survived and I managed to graduate with my Honours in illustration. I am so glad I did this degree, I learned so much about myself and my art approach, most of all I learned to let go and let the process take me to wherever my work was heading. This is a lesson I thought I only had to learn once, but it seems that I need constant reminder of this.   (haha scrap the part about this being short and sweet xD, seems I have a lot more to say than I thought I would!)

On top of graduating I was also chosen as an Emerging creative at the annual Design Indaba held in Cape Town. This was such an awesome opportunity and exactly the external validation I think I needed at the time. My confidence in my work has grown so much this year, even though I still have a long way to go still.

Along with this me and some girls got together to form an all-girl collective this year which is going really well so far. I took a back burner on my role in the collective when my life got a bit cluttered with responsibilities and a full time job, but the ladies in charge are doing an amazing job so far in organising our events and I have still been participating and contributing as much as possible.

Changing paths...

In terms of jobs I've had this year I had 2 part time jobs, one being in retail and the other being a primary school art teacher for grades 3-7. Despite my qualification as a Designer (I have a BA in visual communication design) I decided that I didn't want to persue that and would rather pursue being an art teacher. There were various reasons for this which I will not go into in this post. The main reason I will mention for now is my plans at the time (and ever since I started my studies) was to go teach english in South Korea.

I did my TEFL course and I was fortunate enough to have gotten a part time teaching position at a local primary school The teachers I worked with were amazing and friendly and I loved my time there. I grew quite fond of the children I had taught this year aswell. I think I will definitely do this a few times more in my distant future.

As time drew closer to the end of the year I felt that I needed a more stable job, one where there was room for me to improve my skills as a creative. This lead to me landing a very suitable job at a small design agency in Cape Town. I was sad that I wouldn't be visiting South Korea anymore (one of my dreams for years now), but I felt this was the best course of action that I could do for me and my happiness. I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to visit in my future.

This year was eventful and I only see further growth from here. I am ready to take on 2018 and improve myself as an artist and as a human being. Let's do this!



  1. Hey Gwendolene,
    I loved reading this. Such an inspiring year and I love knowing what other illustrators lives look like. Teaching in South Korea sounds lovely! Hope to read more from you!


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